New Year Message From Director

Date : 2023-01-02

As we usher to the new bright morning of 01 Jan 2023 by stepping into NEW YEAR, I would like to count on the activities in 2022 and place on record the following achievements of the Directorate:-

-   Beginning of the year 2022 saw the challenging task of shifting of the directorate from spread over locations to new location in ‘A’ Block, KG Marg. The humongous task was well planned and executed by each and every member of DOS Family. The special efforts by TSG and Adm group has been highly appreciated.

-   The Accreditation of Directorate of Standardisation as “Standards Developing Organisation (SDO)” under INSS, thus making Directorate as key player in preparation of standards for Defence Services with the aim of “One Nation One Standard”. The initiative by STD group towards preparation of 09 standards for Off Shore Patrol Vessel(OPV) of IN and ICG has been highly appreciated at MoD.

-   The recognition of National Codification Bureau of India at SHQs and HQIDS towards identification and codification of 146 Common Equipment among services has been appreciated by CISC and PMOC. The efforts put in by Codification group and all DSCs/DSDs is highly appreciable.

-   The contribution of Directorate during DEFEXPO-2022 towards preparation of book with title “INDIA AFRICA DEFENCE COOPERATION – OPPORTUNITIES AND CHALLENGES” release by Hon’ble RM during India Africa Defence Dialogue (IADD) event at Gandhinagar Gujrat on 18 Oct 22 has been highly appreciated. Also the efforts put in by TMC, Tech Coord and DSC Badarpur towards establishing Dte Stall at DEFEXPO-22 is commendable.

-   The efforts put in by Cyber Security Group in ensuring Cyber Security Audits and training of more than 1000 personnel from all DDP organizations on Cyber Security is commendable.

-   The efforts and scintillating performance displayed by officers, staff and specially DEOs during 60th Anniversary Celebration is praise worthy.

-   The release of “MANAKI DARPAN” Hindi Magazine and efforts by Hindi division and all DSCs/DSDs is highly appreciable.

        As we move further ahead by keeping the same josh to achieve new highs, my wife joins me in wishing all Officers, Staff, DEOs of Directorate/DSCs/DSDs and their families



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