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Defence Standardisation Cell was established at Jabalpur on 20 Nov 1985. Initially the Cell was established in temporary accommodation provided by 506 Army Base Workshop, Jabalpur. The Cell then shifted to 1, Supply Road, Jabalpur Cantt in Jul 1987. The new Technical & Administrative Accommodation for the Cell was sanctioned at Jabalpur vide Govt of India, Ministry of Defence, Date of Works (RD-28) New Delhi letter No. WKS/A/32136/Std Cell/RD-28 dated 24 Sep 1991. The Cell then shifted to its permanent accommodation on 21 Feb 1994.


  1. Defence Standardisation Cell, Jabalpur is the agency for carrying out codification activities at five AsHSP namely Controllerate of Quality Assurance (Weapons) [CQA (W)], Controllerate of Quality Assurance (Ordnance Factory Vehicle) [CQA (OFV)] , Vehicle Factory Jabalpur (VFJ) and CLMO(QAS) Nagpur and standardisation activities at various ordnance factories in and around Jabalpur. This Cell has been earmarked as the "Center of Excellence" for weapon and vehicles by the Directorate of Standardisation, New Delhi.
  2. Defence Standardisation Cell, Jabalpur interacts with the following ordnance factories as a member secretary of the standardisation council formed in each ordnance factory to propagate and carry out standardisation activities in the ordnance factories under its jurisdiction.
    1. Grey Iron Foundry, Jabalpur
    2. Gun Carriage Factory, Jabalpur
    3. Ordnance Factory, Khamaria
    4. Vehicle Factory, Jabalpur
    5. Ordnance Factory, Katni
    6. Ordnance Factory, Itarsi
    7. Ordnance Factory, Ambajhari
    8. Ordnance Factory, Bhandara
    9. Ordnance Factory, Bhusawal
    10. Ordnance Factory, Chanda
  3. This Cell also interacts with following organisations for obtaining stocking documents like Initial Stoking Guide (ISG), Maintenance Scale (MS), Overall Scale (OS)and Electrical Mechanical Engineering Regulations (EMERs), Workshop Manual etc necessary for filling of Item identification Guide (IIG) forms and creates an information database
    1. 506 Army Base Workshop
    2. College of Maintenance Management, Jabalpur
    3. Central Ordnance Depot, Jabalpur

Role & Function

  1. To maintain close liaison with CQA(W),GM(VFJ),CQA(OFV),GCF and CLMO(QAS) Nagpur and co-ordinate with them on various standardisation activities as per directions form the Directorate of standardisation.
  2. To scrutinise new introductions to the inventory and advice CQA (W), GM(VFJ), CQA (OFV), GCF and CLMO(QAS) Nagpur in case the item do not conform to existing approved standard.
  3. To liaise with R&D Organisation, Vehicle factory, GCF, Jabalpur and service organisations to provide them information in respect of standardised documents and then help the said organisation to select standard components/items for development.
  4. To monitor and ensure the implementation of Standard documents and provide necessary feed back to the Directorate of Standardisation.
  5. To liaise with agencies/AsHSP regarding queries raised by Directorate of Standardisation on the items projected by them for codification.
  6. To periodically examine the existing inventory items, equipments & stores and to forward Recommendations on their selection for pparing standard documents to the concerned Secretary, Standardisation Sub- Committee
  7. To liaison with local Defence Organisation PSUs and to obtain technical assistance required in pparation of Standard Documents.
  8. To obtain stock samples locally available with AsHSP and User units of Defence, required for pparation of Standard documents.
  9. To maintain liaison with BIS in respect of Defence stores for which, Standard documents are required to be prepared.
  10. To prepare initial draft on Joint Service Specifications, Rationalised Lists/pferred Ranges on items allotted by Secretaries Standardisation Sub-Committee, as per approved roll on program.
  11. To carry out continuous review of specifications and departmental specifications, with the object of converting them into Joint Services Specifications, where appropriate.
  12. To keep abreast with the International Development in the field of Standardisation.
  13. To undertake any specific task, whenever allotted by Directorate of Standardisation
  14. To submit reports and return as laid down by Directorate of Standardisation.
  15. Guidance to Standardisation Councils in Ordnance Factories.
  16. Facilitation and monitoring e-governance progress.
  17. Information provision (Codification, National /International Standards) to Defence users.

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