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A Standardisation committee was set up in the Ministry of Defence in the year 1958 with scientific advisor as its Chairman. A Secretariat was also created under the overall charge of the Chief Controller, R & D to provide secretarial support to the Standardisation Committee. In the year 1959, Defence Equipment Cataloguing Committee was formed and a Defence Cataloguing Authority (DCA) was set up to provide secretariat cover to it. The Defence Cataloguing Authority was created under the Director General of Inspection (DGI). A full-fledged Directorate of Standardisation was established in 1962, under a whole time Director. In 1965, DCA was merged with this Directorate and the Directorate was placed under the direct control of Department of Defence Production. In 1972, a Metrication Cell was also added to the Directorate. A Technical Information Centre (TIC) was also set up in the same year. In 1977, a pilot project for introduction of Electronic Data Processing System in Defence Standardisation was sanctioned. This EDP feasibility study cell commenced functioning in the Directorate with effect from February 1978. The Government sanctioned the establishment of this Cell in 1979 as a permanent body of the Directorate of Standardisation.

Nine Defence Standardisation Cells located at Kanpur, Bangalore, Pune, Jabalpur, Calcutta, Madras, Dehradun, New Delhi and Hyderabad were sanctioned in 1984. In 1985, the Directorate became a member of the Inter Services Equipment Policy Committee (ISEPC) which is under Chief of Staff Committee.

The Directorate of Standardisation is also coordinating the Standardisation activities in Defence PSUs viz, BEML, BEL, HAL, and Shipyards etc. At present, the harmonization of Defence Standards with Indian Standards is being carried out. In addition, a need has been felt to convert the Departmental Specifications into Defence Specifications so that Directorate of Standardisation is Nodal Agency for all the Defence Standards.

The Vision

To be the leader in the field of Defence Standardisation and Codification through e-enabled services thereby achieving Variety Reduction and Entry Control so as to affect savings to the Defence expenditure.

The Mission

The MISSION of the Directorate of Standardisation is:-

"To be the leader in the field of Defence Standardisation, Codification and in other assigned/chosen areas thereby serving the national needs through uncompromising quality, technology, services and innovation to provide means for use of minimum number of parts to serve maximum number of purposes consistent with the quality/reliability necessary to ensure maximum fighting Effectiveness".

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