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Authority Holding Sealed Particulars (AHSP) is responsible for holding of sealed particulars and patterns and supply of certified copies of drawings / specifications in respect of items / range of items for which it is designated as AHSP. Normally AHSP is designated as Inspecting Authority, but not necessarily. This can be DGQA / DGAQA / DGNAI or Service HQs for specific range of items. The inspecting authority is required to promulgate inspection methodology and this is done through issue of Departmental Specification.

The list of departmental specifications hosted at this site are based on data supplied by respective AHSPs. The data will be updated as and when made available. For copy of specification or any clarification on departmental specifications, kindly approach respective AHSP.

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In case the item is of high cost / high consumption (volume) and used by more than one Service then Joint Service Specifications (JSS) are prepared by Standardisation Sub Committee and issued by directorate of Standardisation. In such case Departmental Change (DC) is issued for 'Adoption' of JSS. With issue of DC, JSS are adopted (as governing specifications) in place of Departmental Specifications.

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