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Procedure for purchase of Standards For Non-Government Users

  1. Dte of Standardisation prepares following standardisation documents
    1. Joint Services Specification (JSS)
    2. Joint Services Guide (JSG)
    3. Joint Services Rationalized List (JSRL)
    4. Joint Services Preferred Range (JSPR)
    5. Approval Notification (AN)
  2. Private Vendors/trade/firms can obtain copy of JSS/JSG on payment (DD/Net Banking) against their bonafide requirements i.e. against RFI/RFP/Supply Order/Development Order/Referal letter from Defence Organisation/Defence PSUs. This Office accepts payments digitally. Payee bank account details would be communicated to vendors/firm after bonafides of requirement are verified by Directorate of Standardisation. Vendor/trade/firm may forward requirement of JSS/JSG with Copy of relevent RFI/RFP/Supply order/Development order/Referal letter to
    Directorate of Standardisation

    Ministry of Defence
    H Block, Nirman Bhawan PO,
    New Delhi - 110011,
    E-mail :jdstd[dot]defstand[at]gov[dot]in

  3. The price of JSS/JSG would be as per published rate in case of collection by hand or with an additional postage charge if dispatched by post.

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