Defence Standardisation Cell, New Delhi was raised on 02 Aug 84 and started functioning as part of Directorate of Standardisation. In Feb 87, it was shifted to a hired building at Ashok Vihar. In Aug 87, the Reprographic Unit (RU) of the Directorate was also shifted to Ashok Vihar and placed under functional control of DSC, New Delhi. Re-location of RU with DSC, New Delhi resulted in certain problems pertaining to dispatch of printed documents since Standardisation Document Cell (SDC) of the Directorate continued to be located at 'H' Block. To overcome this problem, a part of the SDC was also placed at Ashok Vihar (First Issue Section). Consequent to the rehiring of the premises at Ashok Vihar, the Cell shifted to Delhi Cantt in a building belonging to DIPAS/DIPR (DRDO) in Dec 96.



S.No Course Title Level Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Remarks
  Course Gp 'X' S T A N D A R D I S A T I O N & C O D I F I C A T I O N
1 Orientation Course Gp 'A'     RIST (10-12)     RIST (09-11)   RIST (04-06)     RIST (17-19)   DOS and AsHSP
2 Foundation Course Gp 'B'&'C'   IST (18-22)   IST (13-17) RIST (10-14)   IST(26-30)   IST (14-18)     RIST (14-18) DOS and AsHSP
3 LAN Administration, Network Security and Transition from IPV4 to IPV6 Gp 'A'&'B'     IST(09-11)           IST (29-31)     RIST (16-18) DOS only
4 Internal Auditor Course Gp 'B'                         Course may be included

Role & Function

Hand Shake

To maintain a close liasion with the respective AsHSP and coordinate various Standardisation activities as per directions from the Directorate of Standardisation.


To monitor and ensure the implementation of the standardisation documents and provide necessary feed back to the Directorate of Standardisation.


To carry out the Codification work as allotted by Directorate of Standardisation.


To provide all necessary input for updating the draft codified list of stores.


Oraganise Traning on Codification and related subjects.


Maintain Technical Information Centre on behalf of Dte of Std.


Operate Transit facility on behalf of Dte of Std.


To print and distribute all technical literature related with standardisation on behalf of Defence Standardisation.

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