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Defence Standardisation Cell, Hyderabad is located in the complex of Defence Electronics Laboratory (DLRL), Chandrayangutta Lines, Hyderabad. The cell is the center of excellence in the field of Guided Missile Systems and their components. After the Integrated Guided Missile Development Plan (IGMP) was conceived by the DRDO, in order to promote Standardisation right from the design stage of various missiles under development, the Guided Missiles Systems and Components Standardisation Sub Committee (GMS&C SSC) was tasked with the preparation of Standardisation documents. The Standardisation Cell interacts with various development agencies and assists them in finalizing the Standardisation documents. The Codification task allotted to various AsHSP and PSUs is assisted and monitored by this cell.


Defence Standardisation Cell was sanctioned at Hyderabad vide Govt. of India Ministry of Defence letter No1101/PE/Adm/STD/5618/D(insp) dated 21 Sep 1987. The Cell was established on 21 Sep 1987 at DLRL campus, Chandrayanagutta Lines, Hyderabad – 500 005, in the old barracks of erstwhile BDL accommodation. Consequently one more building of 20x20 ft was taken over from DLRL, which has been refurbished at a cost of approx Rs. 4,00,000/- which is being used for EDP and named as Standardisation Codification Area Network (SCAN). The old two room barracks have been renovated as office accommodation.

The cell is equipped with 01 X PDC Server, 01 X Database Server, 01 X Web Server, 12 Desktops and LAN Printer connected on the Local Area Network (LAN).

Role & Function


  1. To conduct Standardisation and Codification activities in all fields as per directions of the Directorate of standisation.


  1. Provide secretarial support to Guided Missiles Standardisation Sub Committee and to any other Committe as tasked by Directorate of Stadardisation.
  2. To maintain a close liaison with the local AsHSP and coordinate various Codification activities as per directions from the Directorate of standardisation.
  3. To monitor implementation of Codification tasks / Standardisation documents.
  4. To periodically examine the existing inventory / equipments / stores / and forward recommendiations on there selection for preparing Standardisation documents to the concerned secretary, Standardisation Sub-committee.
  5. To liase with local Defence organisations / PSUs and obtain technical assitance required in preparation of Standardisation documents.
  6. To create Technical panels / working groups / specialist working groups for preparation of Standardisation documents pertaining to standardisation and allied activities and to promulgate there composition.
  7. To execute and follow up all decisions of DECC AND CCSSC.
  8. To provide all necessary inputs for updating / cleaning the draft codified list of stores.
  9. To carry out continuous review of catalogues / Standardisation documents in order to update them regularly and maintain a library of Standardisation documents.
  10. To maintain liaison with BIS in respect of Defence stores for which Standardisation documents are required to be prepared.
  11. To carry out continuous review of Standardisation documents and Departmental specifications with the object of converting them into Joint services specifications as and when required.
  12. To spread the standardisation culture amongst the Defence forces and Defence scientists.
  13. To undertake any specific tasks whenever alloted by Directorate of Standardisation.

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