Defense Standardization Detachment, Kochi, is an establishment created under the Government of India, Ministry of Defense (Department of Defense Production), and functional under the technical and administrative control of the Defense Standardization Cell, CVRDE, Avadi, Chennai. The establishment is entrusted with the responsibility of all activities pertaining to standardization, codification and development of Joint Service Specification and Guides (where applicable) for engineering equipment pertaining to weapon systems and aeronautical components held, as well as under development and production, at Naval Aircraft Yards, KELTRON, NPOL, MO(K) and other Vendors/AsHSP. The equipment being manufactured for Naval Ships under construction at Cochin Shipyard Limited are also included among the list of stores covered.


  1. As per the policy decision by the Government of India, in 1962 it was decided to give impetus to Standardization and Codification of Equipment used by the Defense Services. This responsibility was initially reposed on the Defense Research and Development Organisation, but in 1965 a separate Directorate of Standardization was established under the Ministry of Defense (Department of Defense Production and Supplies). Various Standardization cells and detachments were subsequently established across the country mainly at places were the various Defense Industries are located.
  2. Defense Standardization Detachment. Kochi was sanctioned as a Unit under the technical and administrative control of Defense Standardization Cell, Avadi, Chennai in the year 2000 vide Government of India, Ministry of Defense letter No.1101/PE/ ADM/STD/ 1482/ D(QA) dt 17 May 2000. The Detachment formally started functioning from 30 Aug 2000 and is located inside the Naval Physical and Oceanographic Laboratory, Complex II, (erstwhile) situated inside Naval Base, Kochi.
  3. An old unused building of NPOL was renovated and this office was shifted to the present building in 2003.

Role & Function

The main responsibilities of this Detachment are as follows:-

  1. Standardization and preparation of technical specifications of armament equipment, aeronautical equipment and equipments on ships under construction.
  2. Codification of Naval Stores indigenously manufactured/developed and supplied by various organisations in Kochi and surrounding areas and scrutiny of technical data for allocation of DCAN.
  3. Identification of NSN numbers of imported stores inventory held at Material Organisation (Kochi) (NSN matching).
  4. Liasoning with feeder organisation for Updation of Codified data.
  5. Preparation of Joint Service Specifications and Guides.

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