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Defence Standardisation Cell, Avadi, an ISO 9001:2015 certified establishment, located at Chennai, is one among the nine cell of Directorate of standardisation. The Cell is responsible for Standardisation and Codification of defence stores pertaining to AsHSP and feeder organisations located in and around Chennai. The cell is located inside the Combat Vehicle Research and Development Establishment (CVRDE) Complex, approximately 30 kms from Chennai Airport.

The Cell has a detachment at Kochi, which is responsible for Codification and Standardisation of Naval equipment.


Defence Standardisation Cell, Avadi, one of the field units of Directorate of Standardisation, New Delhi was established as an independent self accounting unit vide Government of India letter No.1101/Adm/Std/4140/ D(INSP) dt 02 Aug 1984 to accelerate the pace of Standardisation and Codification activities. Initially this Cell was located in a hired accommodation. Subsequently this Cell was shifted to the present KLP accommodation in 1990 in the CVRDE complex.

The cell has been earmarked as "Centre of Excellence" for Codification of Tracked Vehicles.

Role & Function


  • To maintain optimum commonality, Uniformity and conformity to specifications in the war machinery of the Indian Defence Forces through the process of Standardisation and Codification, with a view to achieve optimum operational efficiency in the Armed forces. This is to be achieved by promulgation of standards, effective entry control and variety reduction, following guidelines of Ministry of Defence, Government of India.



  • To Codify all Defence inventory with particular reference to:-
    • (a) T-90, T-72 & ARV items.
    • (b) BLT, CMT & MBT items.
    • (c) Specialist vehicle and items of AF.
    • (d) Electrical/Electronic items and armament items of AsHSP/Feeder organisations located in and around Chennai.


  • Standardisation council activities at the following ordnance factories:-
    • (i) Ordnance Clothing Factory , Avadi.
    • (ii) Heavy Vehicle Factory , Avadi.
    • (iii) Engine Factory , Avadi.
    • (iv) Ordnance Factory, Trichy.
    • (v) Heavy Alloy Penetrator Project, Trichy.

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